August 13, 2014

No Blooms in the Greenhouse for Bloom Day

The only thing blooming in the greenhouse is a lanky tomato plant. The temperature is too high for fruit set so it just gets taller.

Outside, Tillandsea cyanea has bright bracts but no blue blossoms as yet.

Most of the greenhouse plants summering outside are waiting for cool weather or short days before setting buds.

August 04, 2014

Bird of Paradise and Hidden Ginger

I despair of ever having a Stretlizia that blooms. This one is putting on a third new leaf. It was killed back to roots in the winter. I vow every year to buy a new one and keep it in a pot. Fall comes and I decide there isn't room. I think it is one of the best plants in a greenhouse for height, prettier than a Banana. 

Curcuma is a dependable bloomer. It needs a rest period, so getting killed to the ground is no big deal for it.

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