January 26, 2015

Weary of Winter

Hyacinths show promise after all.

I am pretty sure we are going to see blossoms.

I am still getting tomatoes off that vine in the greenhouse. My failure to prune means that sometimes they turn red before I notice them. 

Two Amaryllis bulbs have the tip of a bloom bud emerging.

Kalanchoe is still just thinking about whether to go ahead and bloom or wait for spring.

Next year I think Begonias.

I walked around outdoors. 

'Leonard Messel' Magnolia opens a few blossoms at a time.
They're going to get frost bitten but more follow.

Hard freezes have not been kind to Camellias.

Birds find Nandina berries unpalatable.

I cut a little cabbage with a harder head than this one.
We ate it for supper. We had broccoli on Saturday.
I need to start new plants.

Finding clumps like these are encouraging. 

Mama always said February was a short month. Hurry along, January.

January 18, 2015

A Bit about Hyacinths

It may be a while before we know if I killed the blooms 
inside the Hyacinth bulbs.
They're starting to show points of green. 
Some of them pushed themselves out of the ground. 

2015 may not be the best Hyacinth year I ever had. 

This may have been 2012.

2013 was a good Hyacinth year, too.

I would plant Gypsy color again.

2014 I got fancy with Sedum acre in the pots. 

I looked around outside yesterday. Hyacinth foliage is showing up in the garden. One brave little pink flower bloomed before the last freeze, only to be frostbitten and brown. Its companions are more hesitant to show themselves just yet.

Next year it's back to purple shades. Please, help me remember.

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