December 17, 2014

Seed Collection Trays from Almost Nothing, and some Pots.

I found patterned duct tape at Dollar Tree to try the simple trays I pinned on Pinterest.

The animal prints are cute but the tape is flimsy and there is only 10 feet on a roll. Patterned Duck Brand tape has 10 YARDS to a roll, 15 yards in solid colors. Duck Brand tape has not offered me any tape to say that, just an observation.

I used shoe box lids and a bigger cardboard box bottom. When I get more tape of the sturdier kind, I'll make more. They look nicer than the styrofoam meat or vegetable trays I usually use.

There is always something that needs a flat surface with edges to contain it: drying seeds, collections of sticks with lichens, seashells for a project, succulent cuttings that need to harden -- there is an endless list.

Santa Mugs from the Dollar Tree can hold a rooted 
cutting for giving away. Breyer's yogurt cups just fit inside.

My new pot -- perfectly holds a gallon nursery pot.

Two sizes of the pot on the left. I was limited by how many pots I could carry half a block to the car. The little pots in the near ground are from -- you 
guessed -- Dollar Tree. I passed them up last spring in favor of the bright colored pots that hold the 3.5 plastic pots. Now I needed the earthy colors, or so I thought. 

We have to change yogurt brands when I find a plastic container that fits the smaller pots, or maybe buy smaller sizes of something else.


December 15, 2014

Blooms that Failed to Make the Cut

Every Bloom Day I want to show every blossom but try to restrain myself to a baker's dozen or fewer. These were left behind when choices were made for the official Bloom Day post on Seedscatterer.

Christmas Cactus and my bark planter. 
Oh, look! Purple heart has tiny pink blooms!

Another view of Laura Bush petunia.

Another peek at red Shrimp Plant.

Silk Grass and Lantana in mulch.

Loropetalum blooms and red leaves.

Begonias are faithful bloomers in winter indoors.

Newly potted rooted Pineapple Sage.

A peek at a white Christmas Cactus.

Alternananthera cuttings with tiny clover-like blooms.

Schlumbergera, can't have too many.

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