August 15, 2007

Another Reunion

My High School classmates have a planned a reunion. Less structured than previous meetings, we expect to have a grand old time.

This time it's a randomly odd number rather than a decade year. It's approaching time to see old friends before it's late for some of us, not wait for a year that ends in zero. Already too late for more than I'd like to count. Time has been kinder to some of us than others. Life's been harsh to some.

Some I've seen infrequently over the years; some who never came to any reunion have promised to be there. Maybe there'll be surprises -- happy surprises, like Sandra and Billy, for whom it was 'love at second sight' decades after high school.

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kenju said...

Jean, thanks for the visit. I just attended my 49th reunion (for the decade of 1950-59) and we had a nice time. Not too many from my class showed up - so we are expecting a great turnout next year!

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