August 23, 2007

Does Benevolent sound like Birmingham?

The Cowboy left at 5 am on the way through Dothan and Birmingham to North Alabama to pick up an engine that he may or may not need. Cur is distraught and will only leave the rug in front of the side door to go outside, coming right back in when I come in. It has rained 3 inches already and still thundering and lightning. As best I can tell from NOAA, he has missed most of the storms.

The phone rang at 10:20. A voice said, "This is a courtesy call from the Police...Buh..."

Blood pounded in my head and my chest tightened.

When I finally processed what she'd said, it was this: "This is a courtesy call from the Police Benevolent Society, blahdah, blahdah, blahdah." It's a good thing for the Police BS that it was a recording.

By 5 pm he's leaving Montgomery for Dothan. My pulse finally slowed to 80.

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