August 12, 2007


It's not summer unless you go to a couple of reunions. Saturday night we went to a family reunion of the best sort, where you meet cousins you never saw before and see others you've not seen in a spell. Dinner was at a restaurant, superb. Dessert was down the road, graciously provided by one of the cousins. I had caramel cake, didn't look to see what they urged on the Cowboy who doesn't need sweets. Maybe just one slice for old times sake, as close to what he remembers at his Aunt Ella's as can be provided. We looked at ancient photos, read obits and histories, and found relatives and relationships in common that surprised us all.

Vowing to do it again, we said goodbyes and drove away. We eased down the lane to the road and saw a grey fox bound away into the weeds.

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