December 26, 2007

Boy, Did I Get a Bad Number!

Once, long ago before the days of caller ID, the phone rang and when I answered, a man said, "Lady, I used my last quarter to call my wife and dialed the wrong number." I offered to call her for him. He gave me the number and I dialed up.

"Your husband wants you to call him at work," I said, "He used his last quarter and got a wrong number."

"And WHO is THIS?" she asked in that voice reserved for pond scum and 'the other woman' and such.

"Wrong number," I said and hung up quickly.


OhioMom said...


janie said...

Good thinking! I bet she did think you THE OTHER WOMAN. You have to be careful of people like that.

Nice of you to offer to call her.

ET said...

That almost falls under the umbrella of "No deed goes unpunished".

ET said...

I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!
Eddie Hunter

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