December 25, 2007

Christmas Phone Call

Me: Hello

Unfamiliar Male voice: How you doin'?


Unfamiliar Male voice: Hello?

Me: Hello?

UFM: How you doin'?

Me: Who wants to know?

UFM: Uh, do you know a dude named Charles Thomas?

Me: No, I don't.

UFM: Oh.... I'm sorry.



kenju said...

LOL! Long-live caller ID! That's the way I avoid calls like that one.

Jean said...

If I had caller ID, I'd have never answered the little blind lady who calls me regularly. Any more, she intentionally dials me and we chat for a while. On occasion, she still dials the wrong number and we laugh.

The first time she called, she called me by my first name which is the same as her friend Mrs. Hines. Once we established that she had the wrong person, she thanked me for being a good sport about a wrong number and a friendship was forged.

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