December 02, 2007

Who's Afraid?

Had a visitor after midnight Fiday night, a young woman who said she ran out of gas and was lost. She said she'd been walking for two hours and lost her shoes and came through a cotton field. The place where she said she'd run out of gas was a couple miles in the opposite direction from the cotton field. When I asked, she said name was Gina and she asked where was a certain road. When I said it was about four miles, she became more agitated. That road is frequently mentioned in the paper as arrests are made for meth manufacture and possession.

I wouldn't open the door and hand her the phone, insisting that she give me a number which she finally thought of. When I called, the man who answered said they'd been riding up and down the road for an hour looking for her and they'd be right here. After I hung up, she asked if there was a water faucet she could get to, flinging her long hair about. She said she even had dirt in her hair. Help was less than five minutes away, so I said no.

She rushed off into the night and didn't wait on the carport for her ride. I think she could see through the window that there was someone behind me with a firearm silhouetted in the doorway . We heard a car later, I think it turned around in the driveway.

In a kinder, gentler time, maybe 40 years ago, we'd have brought her in and given her hot chocolate and found her some shoes. I was concerned who or what was behind the shrubbery if she gained entry to the house. If she hadn't given me a phone number to call, I'd have called 911.

I'm paranoid.


ET said...

I often wondered what would I do if someone knocked on our door after dark wanting to use the telephone. I won't know until I am faced with that challenge.
But, as you said, 40 or so years ago when times were gentler there was no question whether to open the door or not - and I'm glad. I have been stranded more than once and had to call for someone.

kenju said...

I don't blame you one bit. When I was about 9 years old, the same thing happened at our home. A woman claimed to have been raped, and my mom offered to call someone for her, but wouldn't let her in the house. It seems cruel, but you can't be too careful. Turned out she was on the level, and the police helped her and caught the guy.

OhioMom said...

I wouldn't call that paranoid, I would call it smart.

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