January 26, 2008

Hot and Cold Tuna Melt

Years ago, a relative visited, we made stuffed mushrooms and her co-worker on hearing what we'd eaten exclaimed, "She's just a gourmet cook!" Not so. We eat whatever's here.

Thursday, TIME magazine online suggested that we eat more Tuna:

...studies showed that fish consumption was still protective against cardiovascular disease. Overall, the evidence indicated that people who had higher mercury levels had less protection than people who had lower mercury levels. What those studies suggested is that mercury might lessen the benefit of fish [and omega-3 fatty acid] intake, but they didn't suggest that fish intake was harmful overall.
Light tuna is low in mercury, compared with white (albacore) or red (bluefin) tuna. On average white tuna has three times the mercury as light tuna. But on average white tuna has three times the omega-3s as light tuna — and all the evidence that we can see suggests that omega-3s have more benefit than mercury has harm.
TIME, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2008

So I have both in the cupboard.

I suggested to Lane that we'd not eaten tuna in a long time and needed more fish in our diet. He agreed to Tuna Melts -- I not sure he really knew what's a Tuna Melt. I went outside and pulled some shallots out of a flower bed where I'd tucked tiny onion sets in the fall, chopped a wedge of dill pickle and created a tuna salad.

Not wanting to smell hot tuna the rest of the day, I spread tuna salad on two cold slices of whole wheat bread. I sliced some jalapeno jack cheese over two more slices of whole wheat bread and melted the cheese under the broiler. Explained to Lane why his sandwich was hot on one side and cold on the other; he nodded and accepted it. Even the dog agreed it was tasty when he got his usual 'last bite' when we finished.


kenju said...

Sometimes I eat tuna frequently and then I'll go for a year without eating any. Since mr. kenju doesn't eat any fish, I can have it at home often (I used to when he went out of town, but now he's here all the time). A friend made some tuna salad forme last week and I ate it all on sandwiches until it was gone. I really enjoyed it!

janie said...

I didn't know what a tuna melt was either. Sounds good.

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