January 22, 2008

Hemming Blue Jeans and Growing Rabbit Tobacco

The most frequently searched subjects in this blog and my garden blog, Secrets of a Seed Scatterer are 'how to hem blue jeans' and 'rabbit tobacco.' I just comment, I don't instruct.

There are some excellent tutorials on hemming blue jeans to be found elsewhere that show exactly how to salvage the original hem, which I haven't attempted. Just be careful not to sew the bottoms of the britches closed.

There are some herbalist sites that repeat some hundred year old literature about possible uses of rabbit tobacco, none of which I've tried. I grow it as an aromatic ornamental. It comes up in the lawns and I scoop it up sometimes to grow with other plants like salvia leucantha which it compliments in a garden bed.Rabbit Tobacco and Mexican Bush Sage in the Butterfly Garden

A search for why there is so much interest in rabbit tobacco revealed one source that suggested that the fresh juice might be a possible aphrodesiac. I'm not sure how one would go about extracting the juice of such a dry, woody plant. Of more interest was this excerpt from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute:
"A case-control study involving interviews of 207 men with esophageal cancer and 422 control subjects or their next of kin was conducted to identify reasons for the unusually high rates of esophageal cancer among men in coastal South Carolina. Tobacco and alcohol, including moonshine, were identified as the major determinants of esophageal cancer risk. Increased risk was also associated with low intake of fresh fruits but not with drinking of local herbal teas."

Buy and eat some apples and oranges, y'all.


EHT said...

Hi! I get some strange searches over at my sites as well.

I would have never thought to put rabbit tobacco and the Mexican heather together. Interesting!

I have finally gotten around to adding your sites to my Georgia blogroll at Georgia on My Mind where I have an extensive collection of blogs authored by folks from our fair state.

I founded and maintain the Georgia Carnival. It posts every other week, and I invite you to visit Georgia on My Mind where information is available regarding the carnival along the sidebar of my site. Please think about submitting a post to the carnival in the future.

deborah wilson said...


I've always heard that rabbit tobacco was good for sores in the mouth and respiratory problems. Some people smoke it instead of cigarettes because it doesn't contain nicotine and other chemicals. I've never tried it though.

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