January 14, 2008

Hemming Blue Jeans, New Tricks

I spent the morning hemming blue jeans for Daddy Senior. After all these years, my neighbor told me how to manage the thick double-felled seam that's so hard to sew through: smash it down with a hammer before you sew. Only a few hard taps mashes it flat enough that the presser foot will pass over and the needle will go through.

After all the cutting and making new hems, which I sew with navy thread, not the original orange color, I googled for 'hemming jeans' and found some tutorials on using the original hem by tucking up the amount needing shortened inside of the leg, sewing along the original hemline and then cutting away the excess. I guess you could zig-zag or serge the cut edges. The tutorial just said to leave enough to fray -- my mother would twirl in her grave!


Beverly said...

Thanks, I've never been able to hem jeans.
I found you on elderwomanspace, and then when I saw you were a retired nurse, I had to say hello. I wish I were. I am sixty, and hope to retire soon, but I think I will be poor then.

Anonymous said...

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NellJean said...

Well, Anonymous, when readers comment on two year old posts, the only way I'll ever see the comment is if I have to approve it.

Otherwise, nasty spammers sneak in and put their rude links in old posts. I don't know why.

I wish readers would also take time to put their name, but Anonymous is a choice.

Anonymous said...

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