January 05, 2008


When I was a child, Little Women was one of my favorite books. It was 50 years later that I realized that the "War" that Major March had gone to was not World War II, the only War that came to my mind when I read the book.

Recently, I was looking up 'shebang' as in 'the whole shebang' and the explanation mentioned a 'char a banc.' I immediately remembered the passage in Little Women where Amy is going to borrow Lawrence's char a banc which Hannah calls the 'Cherry Bounce.' Naturally I looked up char a banc as well and the passage opened up when I Googled.

Little Women is still as freshly charming as when it was written more than a century ago. I wish my memory was as sharp for current events as it is for a book read long ago. I'm still having trouble remembering that Barack Obama is not some other Obama, and separating Ron Paul and Ru Paul.


kenju said...

Oh, you're a scream! I know the difference between Ru Paul and Ron Paul....LOL and it isn't hard to keep them straight (so to speak).

janie said...

Well, Ron Paul is MY congressman, and well.....

I have seen Ru Paul, and he looks better than Ron Paul!


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