January 12, 2008

Old Time Radio: Beulah, Amos and Andy

According to the History Channel, today is the anniversary of the beginning of Amos and Andy, created by Freeman Gosdin and Charles Carrell. I wonder if Freeman Gosdin was a relative of country singer Vern Gosdin, whose cousin was once my patient?

The only old time radio shows that are clear in my memory are The Lone Ranger, The Shadow (Knows) and the Green Hornet. I think it's the sound effects. William Tell Overture is forever etched as 'the Lone Ranger Rides Again' as the little boy said. The Shadow's deep chortle and the Hornet's buzz are unforgettable as well.

The reason that I remember Beulah is that Daddy Mack's son-in-law Lyle, known for innovation, bought the first tape recorder I ever saw, back in the nineteen fifties. He surreptitiously tried it out at a family dinner. When he played back what he'd secretly recorded, Tanky exclaimed, "Why I sound just like Beulah!"


kenju said...

I can't remember Beulah, but I sure remember the others you mentioned. I wish they'd bring them back!

ET said...

I listened to The Lone Ranger every afternoon, and sometimes Little Orphan Annie... and some scary programs at night such as "Lights Out!"... also Fiber McGee and Molly... maybe more, maybe not... its my mind.

By the way, you mentioned Amos & Andy, a distant relative of mine, Niles Trammell is the one that signed them up to NBC radio and he got them on TV and rode their shirttails into success. He became president of NBC. If you notice, Amos, Andy, and Kingfish all claimed to be from Marietta, Georgia - which was Niles Trammell's doings.

Jean said...

I think Beulah worked for Fibber McGee and Molly before there was a Beulah show.

janie said...

Also, on Saturday night we would listen to "The Louisianna Hayride", which featured all the current and old singers we loved. (Hank Snow was one of my favorites.)

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