February 28, 2008

Sky Watch Friday: Hawk

Blue skies today and crisp cold following a warm weekend and storms early in the week.
A hawk was hunting in the field beside and behind our house this afternoon. I cropped the photo so you could see the hawk in low flight in the second pic.

More photos of the hawk follow in an earlier post.

Hawk, Hunting

A hawk was hunting in the field today.
He's the tiny white blip to the left of the tall weeds in the center of the pic.

I caught a glimpse through the trellis work.

He really worked the field, making pass after pass in about 1000 foot sweeps back and forth.

I had to wait while he ate what he'd caught.

Here he's in a turn near a piece of equipment

... and flies past.

These were the best of what I got. The closer I tried to get, the farther away he moved.

February 22, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

'February Gold' cyclamineus daffodils along the edge of the yard looking northeast across the firebreak on Wednesday. This is a squirrel's eye view. I lay prone to take the photo.

It rained all day today and the satellite was out for most of the day.

February 16, 2008

One More Fountain

Fountain in front of Godwin's Jeweler's. I put the Church across the street in the photo so it didn't look as if I was staking out the jewelry store. Therefore, I stood in their doorway to make the photo, LOL.

February 15, 2008

Skywatch Friday

Tuesday before the storms rolled in. Confederate statue, town square, Bainbridge.

February 12, 2008

Decatur County Courthouse Fountains

Fountains in front of the Decatur County Courthouse. There is a plaque nearby that identifies the artist, Challey Earl Willis, a local ironworker. You can see the bird in the distance in the formal fountain pic.

Funny, while I was photographing the bird, the wind changed and he spouts water in the opposite direction in one photo.

February 11, 2008


Daryle E put out a challenge to post fountains. I have Las Vegas fountains, courtesy of my daughter-in-law, in the first picture.

Water Towers

Dot of Strolling Through Georgia challenged us to show water towers. This one is pretty old, taken in Paulding County about 1921. In front of the tower is my great-uncle Ben Jones.

This photo is one of a collection of ancient Polk/Paulding/Bartow county family photos that I'm using in my Mary Zelda blog. Mary's voice, my memories and those of other family members as handed down.

February 09, 2008

A Bowl of Flowers

I asked one of my kin whose memories I pick for details of our fictive blog Mary Zelda if he had any idea what the occasion was that Mary, Blanche and Ethel had flowers in a huge bowl on the front walk? I must share his answer:

Great balls of blooming begonias. Look at your own inherited love of flowers! Did you ever know any of the Jones Girls to need a reason to display a bowl of flowers? We had flowers in the windows. We had flowers on the tables. We had flowers in the dining room. I couldn't walk outside without stepping on flowers. They even grew wild around the outhouse.

.... Flowers were all these precious girls could afford to make their harsh world more soft, tender, beautiful and feminine in a man's world filled with rocks, manure-covered ground, hand-hewn
lumber and lost siblings. After all, it was a man's world back then.

February 05, 2008

Election Day in the Country

They moved our voting place from a tiny building to the Town Hall in a little township near by. From there we went to the county seat to pick up Lane's Rx refills and on to the mobile home dealer to pick up some bolts for the trailer he's assembling -- a flat trailer, not a mobile home. Cur waited in the car while I checked out the little one bedroom trailer that has a tiny porch on the end and reported back to Cur that I thought it was too fancy for a dog hut.

We moved on to the next small town where we reconciled a $2.36 error on my IRA 1099 statement that would cause us two years' of fines and grief with the IRS. (Been there, done that already.) Small town banks are not impersonal and everybody smiles and speaks when you come inside.

We ate at a tiny and new Chinese buffet, a novelty, as they have a steam table with very small pans of food, but a nice assortment and replenished frequently. I ate squid, because it was there. Squid tastes like clams, except it comes in little rings. The restaurant will be closed on Thursday for the Chinese New Year. I hoped they would have candies like the restaurant in T'ville has for New Year's but not so. What they did have in addition to the usual fruits and not-very sweets, was the thinnest banana pudding I'd ever seen. Including the whipped topping, it was less than half an inch thick, but tasty.

Cur waited patiently in the car while we ate. When we returned after the meal, he could smell that we'd been in a place where there was food. He was happy to eat our fortune cookies. The fortunes were the Golden Rule on one and something about Spring coming on the other. Good fortunes.

February 04, 2008

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

According to a survey by British TV as reported in the London newspaper, nearly half of 3000 teenagers surveyed thought English king Richard the Lionhearted was fictional. More than one in four thought Florence Nightingale was a fictious figure. A small number even though that Sir Walter Raleigh, Cleopatra and Gandhi were not real persons.

They believed these to be real:
King Arthur nearly two thirds believe that he existed and led a round table of knights at Camelot. Sherlock Holmes was so convincingly brought to life in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels and in movies that more than half believe that the detective really lived at 221B Baker Street.

More than half believed that Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest, robbing the rich to give to the poor and 47 per cent believed Eleanor Rigby (Beatles song character) was a real person.

Mona Lisa, the Three Musketeers and Lady Godiva were also believed by some to have really lived.

Mama used to have neighbors who believed the characters on daily soap operas were real people. I had a neighbor once who said she liked to watch soap operas because their lives were 'so like her own.' She took her interesting life elsewhere before I noticed any real excitement.

February 03, 2008

"Gulf Shores up through Apalachicola
They got beaches of the whitest sand
Nobody cares if gramma's got a tattoo
or Bubba's got a hot wing in his hand
Redneck Riviera is where I wanna be
Here on the Redneck Riviera by the sea
Tom T. Hall lyrics
Two other groups have songs titled Redneck Riviera: Christine Aguilera and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I like Tom T best.

We thought I had hundreds of new photos -- only some of them downloaded. I have the Mardi Gras strangers, but not Grandchildren in New York, New York, nor the Monkeyman, nor the People with Fake Teeth. Next time, okay? And the little chip that we worried about not holding all the photos: only a sliver of the circle is filled. A gigabyte is a lot of room!

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