February 09, 2008

A Bowl of Flowers

I asked one of my kin whose memories I pick for details of our fictive blog Mary Zelda if he had any idea what the occasion was that Mary, Blanche and Ethel had flowers in a huge bowl on the front walk? I must share his answer:

Great balls of blooming begonias. Look at your own inherited love of flowers! Did you ever know any of the Jones Girls to need a reason to display a bowl of flowers? We had flowers in the windows. We had flowers on the tables. We had flowers in the dining room. I couldn't walk outside without stepping on flowers. They even grew wild around the outhouse.

.... Flowers were all these precious girls could afford to make their harsh world more soft, tender, beautiful and feminine in a man's world filled with rocks, manure-covered ground, hand-hewn
lumber and lost siblings. After all, it was a man's world back then.


kenju said...

What a great photo. Do you know what year it was taken?

Jean said...

As best I can guess, 1925-1926. What caught my eye is that Mack is still shorter than all the girls and he's wearing a tie. It could have been Blanche's wedding day; Mary got married at Christmas time so they would have been wearing warmer clothes, and her dress is trimmed with colored ribbons while Blanche is in solid white, even her silk stockings.

OhioMom said...

Oh what a lovely memory, brought tears to my eyes :)

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