February 05, 2008

Election Day in the Country

They moved our voting place from a tiny building to the Town Hall in a little township near by. From there we went to the county seat to pick up Lane's Rx refills and on to the mobile home dealer to pick up some bolts for the trailer he's assembling -- a flat trailer, not a mobile home. Cur waited in the car while I checked out the little one bedroom trailer that has a tiny porch on the end and reported back to Cur that I thought it was too fancy for a dog hut.

We moved on to the next small town where we reconciled a $2.36 error on my IRA 1099 statement that would cause us two years' of fines and grief with the IRS. (Been there, done that already.) Small town banks are not impersonal and everybody smiles and speaks when you come inside.

We ate at a tiny and new Chinese buffet, a novelty, as they have a steam table with very small pans of food, but a nice assortment and replenished frequently. I ate squid, because it was there. Squid tastes like clams, except it comes in little rings. The restaurant will be closed on Thursday for the Chinese New Year. I hoped they would have candies like the restaurant in T'ville has for New Year's but not so. What they did have in addition to the usual fruits and not-very sweets, was the thinnest banana pudding I'd ever seen. Including the whipped topping, it was less than half an inch thick, but tasty.

Cur waited patiently in the car while we ate. When we returned after the meal, he could smell that we'd been in a place where there was food. He was happy to eat our fortune cookies. The fortunes were the Golden Rule on one and something about Spring coming on the other. Good fortunes.

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