February 12, 2008

Decatur County Courthouse Fountains

Fountains in front of the Decatur County Courthouse. There is a plaque nearby that identifies the artist, Challey Earl Willis, a local ironworker. You can see the bird in the distance in the formal fountain pic.

Funny, while I was photographing the bird, the wind changed and he spouts water in the opposite direction in one photo.


dot said...

Those are great looking fountains! How come ya'll can have water and we can't?? Maybe they will change things soon.

Jean said...

We have water because we sit atop the Floridan Aquifer. Our irrigation wells have numbers (grandfathered) and meters that can be read via satellite. One of these years we'll probably be selling water to North Georgia through some kind of pipelines.

deborah wilson said...

Nice looking fountains!

(I hope the one in Marietta Square and at The Avenue has water in them this summer!)

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