February 03, 2008

"Gulf Shores up through Apalachicola
They got beaches of the whitest sand
Nobody cares if gramma's got a tattoo
or Bubba's got a hot wing in his hand
Redneck Riviera is where I wanna be
Here on the Redneck Riviera by the sea
Tom T. Hall lyrics
Two other groups have songs titled Redneck Riviera: Christine Aguilera and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I like Tom T best.

We thought I had hundreds of new photos -- only some of them downloaded. I have the Mardi Gras strangers, but not Grandchildren in New York, New York, nor the Monkeyman, nor the People with Fake Teeth. Next time, okay? And the little chip that we worried about not holding all the photos: only a sliver of the circle is filled. A gigabyte is a lot of room!

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