February 28, 2008

Hawk, Hunting

A hawk was hunting in the field today.
He's the tiny white blip to the left of the tall weeds in the center of the pic.

I caught a glimpse through the trellis work.

He really worked the field, making pass after pass in about 1000 foot sweeps back and forth.

I had to wait while he ate what he'd caught.

Here he's in a turn near a piece of equipment

... and flies past.

These were the best of what I got. The closer I tried to get, the farther away he moved.

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deborah wilson said...

Pretty good action pics, Jean. Sometimes when I try to take a pic of a bird in flight it will blur just a tad. This weekend was so nice, I think that all the birds and creatures were happy - they played and sang both days..:)

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