March 05, 2008

A New Place to Shop

We have a new store in town, Tractor Supply. Lots of interesting things to see, but the prices seemed a little high, or is it that I don't get out much and inflation...?

They had zinc tubs set up with heat lamps and shavings, ready for the inevitable baby chicks that appear in farm supply stores in spring. Rhode Island Reds will be 1.59 and Bantams and Rock Cornish will be more than two dollars. Add the price of feed and chicken wire and it will be cheaper to get your chicken at Kentucky Fried and your eggs at the store, I'm afraid.

Remember the 'Frog Band' that K-Mart had last year? A metal frog or three, each playing a different instrument and finished in faux patina? TS had farm animals in a band: pigs, cows at 22.99 each. The frogs were 9.99 each, last year.

We also noticed the big increase in the price of tractor tires, adaptors and valves, and plumbing supplies. I recommend they place a guard by the copper fittings.


rosemary said...

Anything with TRACTOR in its name equals money. My husband has a New Holland and we never get out of the local Co-Op without something for his blue girlfriend.

janie said...

I agree about the prices being higher.

We have a TSC as well, and a trip to town is not complete (nor a success), without a visit there.

I just love following my man around the store, checking it all out. I can tell you a lot about the variety, sizes, and prices of their tubes for tires, be it a bicycle, 4 wheeler, or large truck tire. We have been having a run on them lately.

The candy they sell is nummie; very good licorice.

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