March 15, 2008

The Runners Up

I limited my photos for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day to three. You have to stop somewhere. These are the other two that I really wanted to post. One is a closer up view of the white azalea that is tumbling down the hill, looking over a bunch of purple violas in the bottom foreground. The other is a view of the garden on the other side of the azalea trail with the first Pink Charm just opening. Another week or two and there'll be so much color your eyes might cross. Click on the photos to see them full size. Thanks.


kenju said...

Pretty Pix, Jean. My crazy azaleas bloom in last summer.

rosemary said...

We took a walk along the recently snow thrown path to the garden...the top rails are either flat or snapped and our 4 year old apple tree is buried. I don't know if you noticed or knew, but i love violets and the viola family of flowers. That splash of violet warms my heart.

janie said...

Your Pink Charm is very similar to my Salome. Salome is not quite so pink.

I do love them both.

Jean said...

I think the difference is that Salome has yellow petals and an almost trumpet-length cup. Salome also varies if she's in shade or sun.

Salome is very late here this year, hardly out of the ground yet.

I think the late summer azaleas are some kind of hybrids with names like Wakebisu. I planted one. It died. It was obviously a nursery leftover and terribly rootbound.

Anonymous said...
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