April 03, 2008

It Could Happen

For the first time in years, there are no tulips here. Well, there are no tulip blooms here. Some old ones from previous years were brave enough to send up leaves.

Maybe next year, maybe just a few purple....
Hyacinths in the second and third photos returned this year; a better investment but they're not tulips.


rosemary said...

Seems I'm growing snow bunnies and moose

ancient one said...

I was surprised to see a few of my tulips come back... but they are scattered here and there and don't really show up that much... I should have invested some money in some more bulbs, but I was disappointed in the ones I planted last year...

kenju said...

I have 3-4 tulip bulbs in a small bed and they send up beautiful folaige, but no blooms. :-/

deborah wilson said...

I love Tulips but they are hard to grow. My sister has some in her flower bed, they came up for two years in a row, but last year did nothing. Maybe they will bloom this year.

Colors: yellow and purple against green and white are my favorites - except for anything red! For instance, I like cattails with dewberry bushes planted nearby, with yellow and purple blooms.

p.s.) I believe that dewberry is the correct name for the purple leaf bushes.

DebMc said...

Yep, tulips are trouble, especially in areas where we don't get hard long winters. Since I don't do well where there are hard long winters, I chill my tulips. lol They are an indulgence for sure.

I'm going to try your idea of icelandic poppies next year. They remind me of Belgium.

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