August 11, 2008


I could not resist buying a box of crayons during the back-to-school sale. At 22 cents a box, that's less than a penny per Crayola. What a bargain!

I haven't used my crayons, but I did open the box to see if they still have that slight petroleum odor and to check the colors. Besides the original red, yellow, blue, green, violet, orange, black and brown, there were 16 other colors including apricot.

Color names are now printed on the paper jackets in three languages, a good learning tool.


kenju said...

I'll have to check out a new box for myself! I have crayons that were around when my children were small, and the youngest is now almost 37...

I love the idea of the names printed in 3 languages!

ET said...

Now I want to buy Crayons. I'll wait until the school rush fades from Wal-mart.

deborah wilson said...

I love the smell of crayons. I like coloring books too!lol

My favorite thing to pick up (when I can find good ones)is paper dolls.

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