September 23, 2008

Dear Uncle Buck

The following thoughtful essay came from my dear JEB. If you feel inclined to copy it, be sure to give credit for the source.

Dear Uncle Buck,

“Live a quiet life and work with your hands.“ Is this good advice? The Apostle Paul thought so. This was his recommendation.

From the viewpoint of an old country boy who has never been able to quietly suppress his opinions, but has worked with his hands, there seems to be something deeply troubling about the way Paul’s advice is NOT being followed. For every person who is working a real job and making a real-buck, there are hordes of people are sitting in offices swapping, trading, gambling, buying and selling that same real-buck trying to make a lot of fake-bucks off of the first real-buck. And they have made trillions upon trillions of fake-bucks. In fact, our financial system is kept afloat by fake-bucks. And there are great hordes who want to steal the few real-bucks that remain, including the government. It seems that everybody has the best advice about what we should do with our real-bucks. And if we don’t give them our real-bucks, we’ll lose them all.

Are real-buck earners that stupid?

Frankly, I don’t give a buck. Maybe I’m bucking the system here, but our system is in the toilet. Anybody who wants to steal my real-buck can buck off. They can earn it like I did, by the sweat of their brow.

It appears to me that our entire financial system, especially Social Security, is just one huge Pyramid Scheme. Do Pyramid Schemes last forever? Obviously, some think so.

Do you believe that the biggest gamblers in the world should always have their losses forgiven? Should their debts be wiped clean? Do you believe that there is no limit to how much debt the United States can sustain? Is it infinite like the heavens? Obviously, some think so.

If every tree in Georgia was a fake-buck tree, even in a good season, they couldn’t produce half of what Washington is pumping out every day. I guess it is the fertilizer they use. It is one-hundred percent bullshit - and highly concentrated at that.

If Las Vegas operated like this, it would turn into a ghost town quicker than Bill Campbell, former Atlanta mayor and federal prisoner, could roll a set of bones. Back in the fifties and sixties, if a gambler didn’t pay his debts, he was taken for a ride out into the desert.

Personally, I think it is time for a one way, high-speed rail line running from Capitol Hill to the Mojave Desert.

The empty seats in Washington would be replaced with desks holding computers, which are not subject to obscene salaries, special interests, bribes, lobbying, corruption and Monica Lewinsky.

Computers certainly could not do any worse than what mankind has done.

I guess we would have to have one more election.
What would you vote for, PC or Mac?


September 22, 2008

Canopy Road

A half-canopy, only on my side. The other side was cleared for a stand of pines and a power line. Then they cleared the pines for a hay field, leaving a narrow line of pines next to the electric wires. Every time there's a wind storm, another pine falls on the power line.

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