November 17, 2008

Does this mean we're In Style?

Twelve 'must-haves' according to Style at Home dot Com:
• A leather club chair • A decorative throw • An ample sofa • A wool area rug • Quality stainless steel flatware • A crystal vase • A 48-inch round pedestal table • Crystal or fine glassware • 500-thread-count cotton bedding • White dishware • A pharmacy lamp • Original art

• A leather club chair -- do two comfy leather recliners count? I don't sit on mine, so there's a spare when Daddy Senior's wears out.

• A decorative throw -- we have an electric throw (plaid), a down throw, afghans -- anything warm for wrapping up is kewl with me.

• An ample sofa -- we've not room for ample. The old hide-a-bed will be replaced soon with perhaps an ample loveseat.

• A wool area rug -- we don't have this. I'd like one.

• Quality stainless steel flatware -- I love good stainless. I hate eating with anything less than a sturdy fork or spoon.

• A crystal vase -- Two tiny waterford vases that I sent off in the mail for years ago, and a large vase I won as a door prize.

• A 48-inch round pedestal table -- To think that the other day I was thinking we should get rid of our 48" oak table, 35 years old!

• Crystal or fine glassware -- only for show in the china cabinet

• 500-thread-count cotton bedding -- all cotton, not necessarily such a high count. I really like a flannel top sheet in winter.

• White dishware -- I have a whole set of white Hutschenreuther china that I don't think has ever graced a table. I like white Corning Ware for oven cooking, and decorated dishware in addition to white. I love mix and match dishes.

• A pharmacy lamp -- they amended this to be a swing arm lamp, classic. We have modern swing arm desk lamps, wall mounted swing arm lamps with tole shades in the bedroom (clears the bedside tables for other items) and a regular classic swing arm floor lamp.

• Original art -- does Daddy Junior's 7th grade nail and string art project count? And Miss Alma's early 70's still life with tangerines?

It's just another magazine 'list' but I was surprised how many of the items we have.


kenju said...

I'm surprised, too. We don't have a leather chair, but we have 2 much-used recliners, covered in ultrasuede.

My flatware is silver plate, not stainless (though I'd prefer it) and our all white bedding is 400 count, not 500.

Will that do?

janie said...

No leather chair, although it is on my list of 'wants'. We do have good stainless, it is required here. My bedding is all cotton, not so many threads. I also have a 48" round oak pedestal table, inherited from DH's grandparents. A decorative throw, a wool rug, and odd and sundry crystal items. We have a sofa ample enough for us. I got rid of the really ample one that was just TOO ample.

I wonder who makes up these lists?

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