November 14, 2008

Ikey Takes His Vows

Ikey is at the Vet, Taking his Vows. We'll pick him up tomorrow.

The story of the Vows goes back a long way. The Priest at her church asked our friend Frances if she would take his dog. Father O'Conner was moving to another parish where there would not be a fenced yard for Valentine. As they discussed the arrangements, Frances thought to ask whether Valentine had been spayed. She said, "Er, Father, has Valentine been, Uh, Er..." He replied softly, "We call it 'Taking her Vows.'"

Inky went right into the cat carrier, but he was not happy to leave in the truck. I think he suspected trouble.

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kenju said...

He'll be so much better for it! LOL

Love the story.

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