November 22, 2008

Ikey Takes Over the Dog Hut

Four days after we spent a bundle at the vet's to get Ikey neutered and current on cat shots, he disppeared. He showed up three days later, worse for wear. We had worried he'd been carried off by coyotes or such. He'd obviously been in a cat fight, with a wound on his leg, a droopy eye and a sore on his lip, typical of cats fighting. People around us have huge tomcats, Ikey needs to learn his own ample territory.

For his well-being, the Dog Hut has been transformed into a cat refuge, but the sign remains. A puppy is in Ikey's future, he just doesn't know about it yet. When Cur lived in the Dog Hut, the front was open. There is now a door with a notch for Ikey to go in and out.

Ikey shows off his new light fixture, which should put out just enough heat for a furry kitty to stay comfy on freezing nights. Last night with a single bulb, it stayed at 50 degrees, while outside dipped into the twenties.

Late Note: When the new puppy came to live here, Ikey moved up to a penthouse cat hut atop the dog hut, which he likes much better. It's nice and cozy with a fleece bed and a pink blanket.

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Urban Gardens said...

I love "home is where the dog is" are a great per master for sure. In my next life, I want to be a dog with an owner like you!

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