December 13, 2008

Back to the Future

Someone's blog reminded me that we should focus on the Future rather than the Past. I looked at my blogs. Except for
and the Butterfly blogs, most of my prattle is about things past: ancient family photos from early 20th century, people who died, early marriage and children; high school reminiscences.

I'm deleting from my blog Favorites those ladies whose primary goal in life seems to be to die with the most chinaware and decorative household trinkets in a huge house, or maybe two. I'm adding some who address real life goals.

I just looked at the questions we'll likely be asked in the 2010 census. Many of those address the past. Few ask of plans for the future. Big Brother doesn't process our hopes and dreams, just how we live and what we spend.

I put a video on my high school reminiscences blog. A group of young men sing
"It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday."
They're not ten years out of college yet.

I'm trying to look forward.


kenju said...

Jean, thanks so much for the butterfly stamps - they are lovely - and I shall use them wisely!

You have a good point about the past. The only value it has is to learn from and I always try to do that!

Cristina said...
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