December 26, 2008

Lessons Learned on Water Skis

Sweet Rocket blog reminded me of my water skiing experiences.

When I was a teen and learned with cousins to waterski on the Savannah River, I got up with little ado -- however, I fell and couldn't figure out to TURN LOOSE!

The next time I tried to waterski, I was 40, and mostly did it to show DH that I still could. (I've given up showing DH what a Cowboy I am, eating raw oysters was one of my bravado antics for which my liver thanked me when I quit.) I had trouble getting up until our friend clamped a big hand over my knees and said, "Now KEEP them together," waved to the boat driver and I came right up on the skis, my knobby little knees tight together.

I should have learned these lessons early on:
  • Keep your Knees together.
  • Know when to Turn Loose.

    Knees Together, 1984

    The perception of others was pointed up by the reaction of a lady on the river bank who saw my Cousin Herman skiing in a squatting postition, unable to stand without falling: "Oh, look! He's doing tricks!"
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    kenju said...

    We had the same hairstyle back then!! Good photo, Jean, and good advice - like my mom always told me....LOL

    I Blog Here & Here too