March 18, 2009

Power of the Delete Button

I went through my list of feeds. Some I wondered why I ever thought I would wish to follow.

  • Too 'Green' -- advocates 'green' as they spend big bucks on trivial trash and urge us to do the same.
  • Flaunts wealth. Need I say more?
  • Politically incorrect -- disagrees with me. LOL
  • One blogger who had too many photos to load, wondered why she was posting so many at once, 'So you'll have something to look at.'
  • There are whole blogs made up of somebody else's pictures, somebody else's words.

    I deleted some with too many side bar photos and gadgets and 'awards'? Loading time was just too long.

    I faithfully read certain blogs because I like them. Those bloggers have no need to impress; they just write about whatever comes to mind, or crosses their path.

    ET said...

    As you described "too many" this and "too many that" I thought to myself, "Oh no! She's got my number!"

    NellJean said...

    Oh, no, Eddie, not you. I'm talking about those who put their whole histories and a dozen 'awards' from others on the sidebar instead of important things like a link to me, LOL.

    I look forward to reading new posts on your blog. Well, maybe not every word of your wife's kinfolks, but I look on them as important to somebody and of value.

    Everything depends on what the blog is about. Yours is about comics and genealogy, which I expect while I wait for the comments on the passing scene.

    There's a fellow whose blog I read who has an etsy shop where he's offering for sale 'antique' tableware. One of his wares is a 13" milkglass round platter with a pierced edge. I have two of the same that I've had for 50 years. He's asking $45 for one. Suddenly I feel rich.

    I Blog Here & Here too