April 05, 2009

Ichauway Plantation

Miss Lillian and I went to open house at the Jones Ecology Lab at Ichuaway yesterday. We took the wagon tour, on wagons that in bird season are pulled by mules and carry quail hunters. I'm not quite sure where the hunters come from, since Mr. Woodruff died years ago, but the hunting continues.

I took pictures of the kennels, the mule barn, the dog cemetery where Mr. Woodruff's favorite hunting dogs are buried, and the skeet range. You can see the Dog Cemetery and kennels album
Dog Cemetery & Kennels
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House & Store

The skeet range is in the album with the Main House and other houses on the Plantation which house some workers and students at the Ecology Lab. The store, which has prominent Coca Cola signs, is an actual store on the plantation. Many of the visitors made jokes about Pepsi; Mr. Woodruff was head of Coca Cola.

Pictures of the Buildings and Grounds at Jones Lab featuring native azaleas and other native plants are linked through my other blog Seedscatterer

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I've never heard of that place. It looks interesting.

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