April 26, 2009

Southern Favorite Plants for a Garden

Tom of Seventh Street Cottage asked this question on Garden Web. He named Camellias, Azaleas and Roses; Tea Olive, Althea and Okra as Quintessential Plants for a Southern Garden, asking for other favorites.

Please look on the righthand sidebar for the Poll. Check your favorites and let us see what the top plants may be in addition to the ones Tom named.

I only named flowers. Everybody knows tomatoes, squash and eggplant are essential, as are peppers, rutabagas and beans.


kenju said...

I added my 2 cents worth!!

Davy Barr said...

There are a few others that I might would add:
Carolina jessamine
Star ("Confederate") jasmine
Confederate rose
Gotta' have Southern magnolia!

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