May 22, 2009

Graduation, A Look Back

An Elementary School is closing in the town where I went to High School, one of the last of the schools we knew as children. The rest have already closed, or, as the person who sent me these photos said, "We've been swept into the dustbin of History." If you crossed the railroad and traveled south on the street in front of the school in the photo, our High School was in the next block.

The teachers had the children spell out 'Goodbye Goodyear' and one teacher's husband flew over in a plane and made these pics.

Our Graduation was nearly 50 years ago. I knew everything. Too bad I didn't know enough to keep my mouth shut, listen to voices of experience and follow advice. Life would have been a lot easier.

Thanks to Tim, and Doug, and Jimmy, and Mrs. Lanier's husband, for the Goodyear pics. My photo was in an old box here.

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