May 08, 2009

In Search of Desperadoes

There have been burglaries in our community of late. Sheriff's Deputies stepped up patrols and visited homeowners encouraging everyone to be aware of strangers in the neighborhood.

A household near us has a police scanner on, 24/7, even when they are not home. The lady who cleans their house was there doing her usual work recently. Suddenly she heard her own name called over the scanner. She looked outside and Sheriff's Deputies were surrounding the house. She ran outside with her hands in the air, calling out, "I clean for Miss Lorena!" They verified that she was who she said she was and explained that her vehicle was very similar to one they were looking for.

It's funny now, but she must have been terrified. Better to be surrounded by the Law than the unlawful; we know they're on the job.


kenju said...

I might have left and never returned!!

Thanks for the visit and comments.
There will be photos of the next 4 weddings - after this coming Sat. - if I have time to take any....LOL

kenju said...

I couldn't get your comments open tonight and now this one pops us 3 hours later!!

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Bobby McFerrin video. I am his biggest fan!! My daughter and I saw him in person at NCSU years ago, and he came into the audience and sat on the back of my chair, so he could sing happy birthday to a young boy.

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