August 22, 2009

Angel Trumpets

Buffy and I rode to Nearest Town with Lane, who wanted to make sure his truck air conditioner was working properly. We drove through the cemetery. The lawn maintenance crew was at work, mowing. Apparently they have a new service. The old service would mow the driveways, skipping the sides next to the lots of people who don't pay for their service. The new service does the sensible thing, mowing the entire drive, then maintaining the lots that pay. The old service would stop, raise the riding mower blade, skip a non-payer, and then resume mowing 20 feet down, leaving an unmowed strip the width of the mower next to the offending lot. Their more intensive work is to weed-eat the grass of the lots and edge around the grave markers and slabs over the graves, or to kill weeds that come up in the lots that have gravel over cement. Our lot has the single grave of the Monkeyman. We do our own maintenance. We mowed our edges of the drives, but the lots that are not maintained made the drives look unkepmt with all that skipping the edges in spots.

We went to the gas station, and to the grocery for milk. As we left the store, we passed a house with a small front yard that had pretty flower beds in front with a huge peach colored Angel Trumpet in full bloom very near the street.

Lane and the Dog are trying to get me to look on the other side of the street at the cat they spotted, and I'm trying to get his attention about the Brugmansia. I had a camera in my pocket. Missed opportunity!

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kenju said...

I've never heard of an Angel trumpet or Brugmansia. Too bad you didn't get the photo.

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