August 18, 2009

Buffy the Allergen Sniffer

Sweet Baby Buffy made another Vet visit this week. Last week it was a ripped-off toenail requiring antibiotics, pain pills and daily soaks. Buffy is now addicted to peroxide, which she licked off rather than letting it do whatever it is that peroxide does besides give off O2 atoms.

This week, Sweet Baby Buffy has the same hairless spots, scratching, paw-chewing and restlessness that she had a month ago. She weighs 57.1 pounds. Buffy is now 9 months old and in the teen-age-hood of canines. In the car, she was whining. When I tried to console her, she made a rude 'Huh' noise that was obviously, "You just don't understand!" and laid down to sulk.

Buffy is also on oral expensive flea pills now. They smell like something dead, and she wishes they were daily instead of monthly.


kenju said...

Poor Buffy!! I do hope she can get off that med soon!

Racquel said...

Poor thing, she isn't having an easy time of it.

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