September 27, 2009

Training Video for Buffy to Watch

I'm going to have Buffy watch this video over and over and over until she's inspired to have her teeth brushed, too. Buffy would bite the fingers giving her a taste, grab the toothbrush and chew it to bits, go hide in the bathtub and shred the wrapping from the toothbrush kit. Buffy does understand 'sit' and does it very well.



debbie said...

Dear Nell Jean,
Thank you so very much for the comments you left on my post today about the certainly seem like the assistant I would want to be there with me during the time it should burst.....the adult diaper was an awesome suggestion. Thank You. I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR COMMENTS.
Ihope the brushing the teeth video works out with Buffy. I've always heard when you start out training them to brush their teeth, you have play time with the tooth brush.
angel hugs
thank you for the prayers

janie said...

That Buffy girl is 'beefing up' a bit, just like Dixie. She is a pretty dog, too.

She does look like she would bite an unwelcome stranger. That is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

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