February 03, 2010


Pastiche -
an incongruous combination of materials, forms, motifs, etc., taken from different sources; hodgepodge.

Word Origin History
"a medley made up of fragments from different works," 1878, from Fr. pastiche, from It. pasticcio "medley, pastry cake," from V.L. *pasticium "composed of paste," from L.L. pasta "paste, pastry cake" (see pasta). Borrowed earlier (1752) in the It. form.Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper

Home and Interiors Color Trends 2010:

Green Market - Visual Appealing, Artisanal, Urban - colors like tomato puree, apple green, paprika

Resourceful - Sustainable, Preserving, Originality, Value- golden ochre, aqua sky, mauve orchid

Transformations - Modern Nostalgia, Romantic, Graceful, Soothing - lavender grays, stratosphere blue, pale gold, cameo pink

Ambiance - Understated, Layered Neutrals, Retro Glam, Sensuous - coffee bean, cognac, silvered pink

Galaxy - Metaphysical Presence, Illusion, Passage of Light - turquoise, orchid, peridot, stormy violets, golds

Gatherings - Global, Cultural References - copper, smoked blue, cyprus green

High Definition - Refined Glamour, Sleek Sophistication, Clarity - black, white, gray with dramatic pops of fuscia, purple, silver and gold

Pastiche - Upbeat, Unexpected, Tongue in Cheek Playfulness - a potpourri of blues, mimosa yellow, strawberry ice

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