March 22, 2010

Best Daffodils Saved for Last

The very last is usually Baby Moon, not yet in bloom. The latest to bloom will be among the last. Thalia and the smaller triandrus Ice Wings have begun to open, Ice Wings first. They look like little white nodding bells. Pale yellow Hawera, one of the oldest triandrus is opening too.

Ice Wings. Did I mention the fragrance?

I hope you don't get tired of so many daffodils. There are so many to see and they look different every day. These were backlit by the sun making Pink Charm look translucent. Sailboat is a jonquilla. 
Pink Charm and Sailboat

Among the chores that Buffy and I had today was to move some Ivory Dawn daylilies that have not done well where they were. Buffy was enthusiastic about the digging, jumped into the wheelbarrow of sifted compost, and helped me retrieve small garden tools. Those daylilies were almost overtaken by Shasta daisies. They're now located with some Crinums in a little more sun. I didn't make a pic.

Erlicheer daffodils were late this year. I picked about 8 stems on Saturday because they were lying on the ground from a combination of rain, wind, heavy heads and possibly the dog running over them.
Sedum acre is growing under the patio table in potting soil and dust on the pavers. I think to scoop it up and plant in the bed beside Erlicheer between the white crape myrtles.  Compost to fill a depression where I moved one crape is already sifted.

It was windy again today, and cool.


Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Those Hawera's are are Pink Charm. I like how they both have the petals appear to be flying through the wind, as if blowing. I don't know much about all of the daff. varieties. It appears that I have about 4 in my yard and I'm still trying to get them identified...

Amy said...

Hi, Nell Jean ~ I want to know how you keep all the names straight? Do you have a log where you write them down or just remember the names?
At the nursery, I always think....oh, I will remember that name and of course I get home and can't remember and there is not a tag.

NellJean said...

Amy, how do you remember the names of all your friends? I accumulated them one or two at a time over many, many years.

Amy said...

Okay, I guess I never thought of it that way. I need to be a better friend and remember their names when I meet them. :)

Amy said...

or maybe I need to get to know them a little better before I become their friend...Oh, brother...i could go on and on. Okay, I'll stop:)

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