March 20, 2010

Daffodil Trumpets Herald Spring

Not all daffodils have trumpets as such, but they all announce the coming of spring. Some of the earliest blossoms have faded; some of the latest to bloom are just coming into bud. New plantings bloom early or late but will be back on schedule next year.

Tahiti is just coming into bloom.

Sailboat is fully open now.

Pink Charm is blooming everywhere; here with Sailboat.

Jetfire that I moved as they were coming up
bloomed later than the others.

Van Sion is the oldest daffodil here,
first planted when DH was a little boy.
More daffodils to come include Hawera, Baby Moon and Thalia.

I found new sprouts on 3 Salvia leucantha, 2 Pineapple Sage and some yellow Lantana. Not all of these are certain to return here and I'm always happy to find the first green shoots. I have rooted cuttings of Pineapple Sage, which will increase the scant planting started last year.

Redbud trees are in full bloom.

Redbud branches hang in front of a camellia.
An ancient dogwood is ready to burst into bloom behind.

Clashing beautifully are redbud, loropetalum and quince.
Soon to bloom are the dogwood and philadelphus in the foreground.
Not seen to the right is a lily-flowered magnolia, smells like watermelon.

Blueberry blossoms and a rite of Spring.


FlowerLady said...

Wonderful daffies and I especially love the oldest one. What history. It looks like spring is definitely springing there for you. Love the tractor picture. I can almost feel being there. Sigh.

Happy spring and Happy Gardening,


Autumn Belle said...

Your daffodils are doing fine and they are lovely. I bought a bulb for my Chinese New Year and until now I still haven't figure out whether it is a narcissus or daffodil! Looking at my plant, I'm afraid I may not be able to find out the truth after all. :(

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