March 15, 2010

As Pink as Daffodils Get

As Pink as They Get in my garden.
Pink Charm and Lavender

I never tire of daffodils. These are some that have bloomed to date, not all. Planting different cultivars extends the show throughout the month of March. Bulbs planted the previous fall may bloom earlier or later than the established bulbs, depending on the weather.

A pleasant surprise today was finding 3 sprouts in the pots of nasturtiums I planted for the GROW Project.


Meredith said...

So pretty, Nell Jean. I spent some time among the daffodils at the botanical gardens today, and it's hard not to be cheerful when around their bright beauty. Here's the fun part, though. I think you have a more varied collection than the Botanical Gardens -- or at least what's in bloom here so far!

Birdwoman said...

Wow! Those blooms are really striking, as is your photography of them.

Lola said...

Love those Daffies. Sure wish I knew the names of mine.

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