March 24, 2010

Do They Call It Spring because It Is a Giant Leap?

Every day now there are new buds, new blossoms, new life. Some of the daylilies have lush green foliage. Some that survived some really cold weather has 'spring sickness' with yellow streaks and dry edges. Chickweed is seeding out and turning yellow in places. Other places it looks as if it decided to stick around a while with the wild geranium and other undesirables.

Catherine mentioned the Meme that Noelle suggested: making a bouquet.
Erlicheer flopped in the rain and the dog rain over them, so I picked some.
It was so overpoweringly fragrant I left it in the greenhouse.
See that nastutium leaf at the left? They are outside now.

I keep waiting for a late cold spell before I take plants out, but I think the time is near. Things like wax begonias can survive a light frost, even. Some of the tropicals might wait, like pentas, colocasia and angel wing begonia. Persian shield needs to go out before it gets any leggier.

It won't be long until the sun is too hot to leave plants in the greenhouse at all and they'll all go outside for the summer by mid-April. Things I plan not to try again include true tropicals like Heliconia and Bird of Paradise that should be in warm shade, not sunny with cold nights.

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