March 29, 2010

Grossed Out by a Dog Who Runs with Scissors

It's enough to suffer through being tagged with squeaky toys, slapped with the rope toy she shakes from side to side. Now she learned I'm squeamish about being touched with dead things. She'd been visiting the armadillo graveyard to bring home trinkets, pieces of shell. Today she turned up with a skeleton. I am sure it was from an armadillo, given the size, the flat pelvis piece and the vertebrae all joined together. She alternated chewing on it and chasing me with it, like a bad little schoolboy with a garter snake.

I didn't make a pic of the armadillo skeleton. Just imagine it.

Hillstar, a jonquilla

Minnow, blooms smaller than a quarter.

Daffodils and Hyacinths are almost all gone.
Azaleas are deciding whether to wait for Easter,
while Dogwoods are showing white cupped blooms.


Kara said...

Too funny. I can't even get my Flat Coated Retriever mix to go near the watering can. She's terrified of it for some reason.

That's cute you have a dog who likes to carry things.

kenju said...

I've heard of animals doing that, but never had one before. Love your photos.

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