March 16, 2010

My St. Paddy's Day Favorite has a Spanish name

 Juanita was a popular name for American girls, some eighty or more years ago. I know at least three, one now dead, all charming ladies. I wonder who inspired the name for this daffodil. It's a great name for a daffodil with a darker yellow cup with an orange rim.

Last night's conversation as St. Pat's plans aired on TV news: "Are you Irish?" "Yes," I replied. "Kiss me." Then I told him my favorite 'being Irish' story. Mama was talking with Daddy Mack's sisters while little David waited, politely patient. The Aunts repeatedly mentioned about being 'Scots-Irish' until David finally sighed and said, "Well, I guess I must be Potatoes."

I reviewed an old Journal that I started about fifteen years ago. Every February and March, I'm looking at daffodils and other bulbs in bloom. In 2003, I vowed, No More Tulips. I'm glad I switched to Hyacinths.

The view of the redbud tree looking up from my kitchen window is spectacular. It's fully in bud and swarming with bees. It is more than 15 years old. They're short-lived with weak roots. The one MIL was so proud of blew down in a hurricane some 25 years ago. One day this one will lay down in a big wind, I hope from the east so it misses the house. There's another at the SW corner of the front porch which began bloom a few days later than this one. Redbuds are easy to grow; birds planted both these.

I think I'll go out and plant something.


Stone Art said...

Nice story, Happy St.Patrick's Day greetings from Stone Art's Blog over here in Ireland, Sunny

Lola said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day from your neighbor just down the road.
I'm glad it's finally Spring even tho it's a bit too wet yet to do much in the ground. Of course I do most of my gardening in whiskey barrels & such.
I do enjoy being in the garden.

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