March 23, 2010

Now Appearing: Lily Foliage and Buds of all Kinds

Lilies are coming up everywhere. Asiatics and Longiflorum/Asiatics come up with whorls of leaflets. Orientals come up looking like a rocket about to lift off.

Trumpets look more like Cousin It. It's exciting to find lily sprouts because unlike most perennials, the stem may be several inches from where they emerged last year. I always wonder about the secret underground life of lilies. When they're happy, they multiply and great wads of lily foliage comes up. The unhappy ones send up a tentative little leaf as if testing the climate.

I'm finding more and more new growth of Salvia leucantha. Pineapple sage came back, to my surprise.

Buds: Gerbera daisies are budding. I saw the first Echinacea bud. Tight buds of Snowball Viburnum are now loose but not open. 'Pink Pearl' azalea has two pink buds down near the ground.
Then I saw some open buds! Pink Pearl is a fav azalea.
I first planted them some 40 years ago at our other
house, plants from Atlanta Farmers Market.
I planted new ones here, and rooted cuttings.

Oakleaf hydrangeas have new leaves and tiny buds in the center of the cluster of leaves.

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Daricia said...

pink pearl azalea is one of my favorites, too, nell. i have pineapple sage coming back even here in 7b. we had a cold, long winter like everyone, but it did have a layer of leaves over it most of the winter.

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