March 12, 2010

Onions or Hyacinths...

It rained more than 2 inches. When the sun came out,  flowers that were just opening flared into bloom. Most noticeable were the hyacinths.
China Pink, a sport of Blue Delft

STUDENT. Their fragrance, strong and pure from the first winds of spring which have passed over melting snow, confuses my sense, deafens me, blinds me, drives me out of the room ,assails me with poisonous arrows that make...make my heart sad Closes his eyes, one hand to his heart, the other to his head. and head hot.
YOUNG LADY up to STUDENT, raises her hands towards him as if to caress him, then retires R and raises one hand avertingly while smiling. Don't you know the story of this flower?

YOUNG LADY. Tell it.

STUDENT smiling. But first its meaning. Turns towards imaginary hyacinths on front stage, carefully picks one, clasps it with both hands. The bulb is the earth, which rests on the water YOUNG LADY turns away, moved, or lies in the soil. Now...the stalk shoots up, straight as the axis of the earth, and at the top are the six-pointed starflowers.

YOUNG LADY turns to STUDENT again. Above the earth the stars. Oh it is magnificent. Where did you learn that? How did you see that?

STUDENT up to YOUNG LADY. Let me think...In your eyes!
                                                                                -Ghost Sonata, by August Stindberg

The best fragrance is from China Pink, I noticed .

Last year I ordered off for Blue Festival Hyacinths, which are supposed to be more like the heirloom French Roman Hyacinths we had when I was a child. They had limber stems and small florets; these are still more formal, but close enough.
I was surprised the clumps of Blue Festival are fuller this year.

City of Haarlem in its second year, tall and beautiful.

One of my favorites, Top Hit. These have been here for years.

When I was making pics of Top Hit, I noticed that Oakleaf Hydrangea buds are swelling. 
Delft Blue get prettier each day, with the foliage of pinks.
Onions or Hyacinths... comes from Eudora Welty's book, Delta Wedding.

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