March 27, 2010

Spring Brings Frequent Changes

We're nearing the end of camellia season. As camellias end their season, azaleas are opening. I saw two dark swallowtail butterflies this morning. They appear as the azaleas open.

A few years ago, I noticed the absence of good nectar sources for butterflies when the azaleas finish blooming and before the spring annuals open. Dianthus species fill this gap.

Bath's pinks are almost ready to open.
I planted more today, rooted cuttings that are also ready to bloom.

Redbud tree, buzzing with bees.
Boxwoods are all bright green and blousy with
new growth needing pruning.
Fallen blossoms and petals carpet the ground
under the camellias.

What's next in your garden, now that spring is here?

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Phillip said...

The camellias have been so beautiful this year, haven't they? That is a beautiful redbud tree. I haven't noticed any blooming around here yet.

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