March 13, 2010

There's a certain Slant of Light

When it comes, the Landscape listens --

Shadows -- hold their breath --
                                                   Emily Dickinson

More rain brings the budding flowers to the forefront. The mid-winter blooming Camellias are saying goodbyes. The late-winter Camellias are fully budded and showing color. Cold was not kind to the paler ones. On Friday we had rain early and again after lunch, scattered showers that passed through quickly. The big box stores are putting out plants, I noticed from the truck window. We needed cough syrup and catfood, not more work just now.
Seedlings are coming on fast: Three kinds of Poppies; Larkspur and Catchfly. They will hide some of the maturing daffodil foliage which will need lots of hiding cover. Hyacinths take longer than daffodils to go away, but this year's blooms show the value of patience while they linger.

Poppies and some interesting fungi.

Lilies are coming up prematurely. Must protect from frost.

My first parsley seedling is up.
Watching for nasturtiums any day.

Outside, the redbud tree on the north side is starting to bloom.
The one at the southwest corner of the house looks bare.
I noticed pear trees blooming between here and town, and tulip magnolias.

Buffy finds joy in rainwater.

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Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

This is the first time I think I've visited this blog, Nell Jean...your late winter Camellia's are lovely. We want to see those daffs and other bulbs but then, that foliage just keeps hanging on! Funny how what we can't wait to get we suddenly have to find patience until it will leave! Mine haven't bloomed yet--are still just barely up. I've been surprised looking back at last years garden photos, remembering where everything will soon pop up--many things are behind this year due to our unusually cold winter.

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