March 13, 2010

Trees and Shrubs with Bursting Blooms

Continuing warm weather is encouraging blooms to burst forth daily. Pear trees are in bloom between here and town; one of our pears is starting to open blooms. Peach trees are putting out those tentative blossoms that insure some tight blooms saved back for the inevitable late freeze. The ornamental trees and shrubs are starting a real show.

Notice behind the red Camellia. Redbud trees are starting to bloom. The one on the north side of the house is fully bloomed out and bees are covering it.

Lantana montevidensis is putting out growth from the roots. Salvia leucantha has new growth on the two biggest clumps out front, while I anxiously wait to see if all the clumps will put out green leaves.
'Sailboat' daffodils have opened, pretty little white jonquillas with a creamy cup. Three 'Pink Charm' daffodils have opened, more with buds farther up the hill.

A cool wind was blowing all day. It was 65 degrees outside. Daddy Mack always said at 70 degrees you could go without a coat. I have a cough, and wore a sweat shirt with a hood when I was outside pulling weeds. Chickweed is rampant in the beds. Hot sun will take it out soon, but it overpowers the seedling Larkspur and Poppies, so I pull as much as is practical. It is easy to determine where the richest areas are: they have the most vigorous weeds.

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