March 31, 2010

Tropicalismo: Hot and Loud in the Temperate Garden

The sub-tropical garden doesn't really get hot and loud until April and later. Azaleas in hot pinks and purples are late this year. The real tropicals are still under glass, or yet to emerge from the ground. Their blooms will be mid-summer delights.

I dug, divided and transplanted Cymbopogon yesterday. Green sprouts are yet to emerge but Lemon Grass culms have pink buds. I also dug some lantana montevidensis where it crawled out between Salmon Sheen daylilies in the corner bed and transplanted it to the new stump berm. Lilies are emerging on the south side of the berm, behind Muhly grass which is recovering nicely from its burn.

On the northwest corner of the berm bed are Tahiti daffodils.
What better name for a narcissus in bright orange and yellow?

is the meme sponsored by Plant Fanatic Noel of the Big Island of Hawaii.
Visit his blog to link your Hot Colors post and
see what is blooming Tropical or Tropicalismo around the world this March.

More loud colors in my garden this cool spring are hot fuschia fringes of Loropetalum, featured on my other blog

California poppies are starting to pop. Next month I hope all the poppies will be showing their colors.

Be sure to go see Noel and friends' Hot, Loud, Proud posts
and show your colors.


Susan said...

I like the complexity of these daffodils!

Christine B. said...

No hot, loud, and proud here. Unless you consider brownish snow to be hot or loud. I'm certainly not proud of it (sick of it is a more apt description).

Christine in Alaska

Ami said...

NellJean: I saw your link at Noel's post, and went to blotanical to take a look, so that I also can give a pick. But I can not find it under "my faved blog" tab. Now I finally realized that you have "another" blog. LOL

This Tahiti daffodils is my favorite! Sounds like you have lots of new growth emerging from the ground. Can not wait to see all the colors you are going to post from now! Wow, I love poppies! Too bad we can not grow here in florida. Will enjoy yours instead :)

Ami said...

Oh, forgot to mention that I also joined Noel's meme :)

Meredith said...

Gorgeous representatives of tropical paradise, Nell Jean.

Can I also tell you how much I love the photo of your puppy carrying your watering can? What a sweetie! You must be thrilled to have such a gardening buddy. :)

NellJean said...

Ami, Dotty Plants is my daily journal blog. It doesn't show up as a new blog on Blotanical, and it hardly has any favs. You have to find it alphabetically under D-F.

noel said...

aloha nell,

well i commend you for having a second blog, i'm barely keeping up with my blogs also, i love what you presented, they are beautiful doubles, like the large tahitian gardinias only these are yellow daffs...those are hot

thank you kindly for taking part of this meme!

Titania said...

They are certainly hot and showy and bold looking with their happy faces into the sun.
I have to look out for those beauties. The only ones which do well are the Early cheers, but they are rather demure.

Ever Green Tree said...

I loved the cheerful Tahiti daffodils in yellow and will be looking fwd to your mid summer post on blooms.
Cheers! Radhika @ EGT

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