April 25, 2010

April's Favorites, from Daffodils to Roses

I learned about Simply Susan's 'My Favorites this Month' by way of Kimberly's blog, Garden in Paradise. Susan and Kimberly are probably 3 or 4 hundred miles south of me, so their favs are much more tropical in April than mine. April here is more like the Northeast in May or June.

Left to right, from top:
Orange roses, orange violas and California poppies; Azaleas, Poppies and Spiderwort; Daffodils
Left to right, second row:
Dogwood, Wisteria and Boxwood; Violas with 2 colors of California poppies; Swallowtail butterfly on White Azaleas.

It's a real challenge to keep to a half dozen pics. I started with 17 that I thought you must see.
Roses are opening daily; azaleas are almost gone. Perennials are preparing for bloom.

We had a whole inch of rain last night with wind, thunder and lightning. Water and nitrogen has turned everything bright green in the sunlight today. We got up to no electricity. It came back on at 11 am.

To take part in 'My Favorites this Month' visit here:

Simply Susan

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Susan said...

Hi NellJean...thanks so much for joining in. It looks so "spring like" in your neck of the woods. Love that wisteria and the poppies. Glad to hear you got some rain...we are getting it tonight and it will be greatly appreciated by the grass and plants.

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